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Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Color Line Arena 
Datum / Date17.03.2008 
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The Support bands Pain and Krieger have already heated up the hall, and you can feel the excitement after the break when the orchestra Intro begins and the huge deep-blue banner becomes visible. Everybody stares to the front and then screams on top of their voices, when the exceptional composer and band mastermind Tuomas and his guys enters the stage. With the first chords of „Bye Bye Beautiful“ Anette Olzon storms to the microphone, accompanied by a firework of pyro effects. That gives you the creeps!

Right away the new front lady spreads positive energy that immediately takes over. She radiates, laughs, flirts with the band and the audience, and her singing is flawless. Her German is cute, and with „Meine Damen und Herren“ she conquers the hearts of the fans who first were quite critical and sceptical ... One thing is clear from the start: this band is now united, they trust each other...

Despite the rumours in the last months alluding to the end of this band, one thing is clear - Anette was the right choice, she is vocally convincing and presents the epic bombastic „Dark Passion Play“ songs with a clean voice and presents an impressive variety.

But also classics („Ever Dream“, „Dark Chest Of Wonders“, „Wishmaster“) have impact - still different in comparison to Tarja, yet Anette doesn´t even try to be compared with her predecessor and gives those songs a new character, interpreting them according to her ideas and her voice range...

„Sahara“ and „The Poet And The Pendulum“ offer some more excellent bombast... the fans are excited, and the band feels that. Fiery rain, confetti, shaking hands and „Wish I Had An Angel“ end this beautiful evening. A big show of a big band!

Jasmin Froghy, transl. K. Weber

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