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Brainstorm / Pagan`s Mind / Powerwolf

Stadt / City Bochum 
Land / Country GER 

Datum / Date18.03.2008 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Powerwolf,Brainstorm_2008 
Photos: Timo Päßler 
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Brainstorm have been making excellent CDs for years. Especially the last two outputs ``Liquid Monster`` and ``Downburst`` could convince me totally. What a pity that still only about 300 people made it to the current tour.

I have to admit that since ``Lupus Dei`` I really like Powerwolf. But also from an objective viewpoint the guys from Saarland had a great show. A lot of fun, action and top-rank music can rarely be seen from an opening act. The guitar duo Greywolf poses and bangs, keyboarder Falk climbs on he drum set, where drummer Stefane gives some groove. When the wolves retire after 40 min there is more than just polite applause, they definitely won some more fans.

Obviously many people came because of Pagan`s Mind. When the Norwegians enter the stage, many arms are raised. Musically the quartet is the most progressive, but the audience is not discouraged by that. Pagan`s Mind can play on the headliner´s drumkit and therefore have more room than Powerwolf. But the band seems a bit stiff and cannot really use this extra space. Still people like it and they have a 40 min party.

After that it´s clear who ALL the people have been waiting for. When Brainstorm get on stage the room is filled with about 400 people, and the party begins. The recent track `Falling Spiral Down` is a good opening choice, so the guys from Schwaben have people bang their heads right away. During the show the band has to stop several times as the audience sings the band anthem `All those Words`. Inspired by this euphoria Brainstorm take off. Andy B. Franck sings like an angel, gitarrist Milan and new basser Antonio smile all the time, and drummer Dieter gives it all. No wonder Andy´s suggestion to take the whole audience into the band night liner to their next gig in Nürnberg causes loud cheers. After 90 entertaining minutes Brainstorm end a great gig, and you can hear `All those Words` in Bochum sung for quite a long time.

Timo Päßler

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