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Stadt / City Köln 
Land / Country GER 
Datum / Date22.05.2008 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Pothead_2008 
Photos: Markus Vass 
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What to say about these three boys? For 15 years they have been travelling German stages. From Berlin they have ndeed slowly conquered ievery corner of the republic with her earthy Stonerrock . And being booked over and over again speaks for the band. There is also remarkable rise in hall size. The quite small clubs are not it any more three Potheads record. Also the prices were corrected discreetly upwards. However, you get also a good intensive 2-hour show, what one can expect from Pothead, and no jokes in between the songs.. Traditionally they rock without a support-band, as it is very important to them that the sound check gets enough time. Therefore a second band would only interfere.

Finally, at half past eight it starts. The Kantine is quite full with 250 guests. Pothead surprise: Their Opener is not "Rock Child" like for many years. No, with "Toxic" the evening is started, as we are on the publication tour of the new cd "Rocket boy ". And space is also given properly to this album with five songs on the playlist.

"The best-dressed band of the world " (O-tone: Rockpalast) creates right away with a basic sound the rock atmosphere. If one sees them for the first time, one would not expect that this would become both brothers, frontmen Jeff and Brad Dope (sic!) with their dark suits. Now for the ears of the concert-visitors of the whole world of 10 CDs is spread out - the comprehensive whole work by Pothead. At least one track from every disc. Occasionally a short gulp from the beer bottle, and then it goes on , one hit after the other. Included are, as usual, the bone-breakers Blackwar, Fire and Funkenbus. The sweety song box remains closed.

An especially meddlesome fan in the first row did not like this,and loudly demanded the ballad " Henry and Mabel ". Brad was pissed off after two songs, a crew member got to the very drunken fan to make him to understand that there was a playlist and his favorite song would still be played.

After 90 minutes Jeff, Brad and Sebastian left the stage. After short break it went on. The repertoire is so big that they can still play a whole row of high-class songs and also this particular fan has his wish fulfilled. Yet Henry and Mabel remains the only ballad of the evening. Handshake with the first row and another break.

Summary: a really good concert with those experienced Berliners, Brad was convincing once more with his charismatic voice and his easy to remember guitar play, Jeff with his deeply rumbling bass runs and Sebastian with his exact drum play. There is a small minus point because of the bad lighting. I could remember from former concerts also movinglights and laser. But this probably depends very much on the club. With the second encore they still played " Indian of song ". Once again shakehands with the first row and they were gone.


Rock Child
Could not deal
I´m a Sinner to
If you wonder
Leg bone
Wild weed
You shoud talk
Never want it like that
Dope says nope
We know
Henry & Mabel
Indian Song

Gernot Hermenau

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