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Royal Hunt / GoDiva

Stadt / City Pratteln 
Land / Country CH 
Web /
Z7 Konzertfabrik 
Datum / Date13.05.2008 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Royalhunt_2008 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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Entering a dark hall to listen to Rock on such a beautiful day - that might be the reason that the Swiss Godiva and the Russian-Danish-Swedish-American Royal Hunt had to be contend with about 150 people. Still they had a lot of fun on stage.

You realize soon that this is a Swiss band because many in the crowd seem to be their friends. Their rock in the style of Krokus impresses not just their friends. In the band is also Ex Krokus Drummer Stefan Schwarzmann. One Rocksong follows the other, but it is also obvious that the choruses are quite similar and there is not so much diversity. Both guitarists Steve Papacharitos and Sammy Lasagni compete with their skills and Bass player Mitch Koontz makes alot of action, yet not singer Fernando Garcia. His perfomance looks rather stiff, therefore the whole show feels a bit dry.

Royal Hunt
are on tour with their new singer Mark Boals, who has the difficult job to follow the footsteps of John West and his unique voice, and also his charme and passion on stage. Mark displays the same passion, and he acts likeable and active. His voice is different, and it is also unique, but for one song he overestimated himself. What began quite appealing becomes suddenly screeching that hurts the ears - therefore I would suggest just to leave out this song next time, the audience would appreciate that. Keyboard-god Andre Anderson creates wonderful tunes, but after West left the band the music seems to change, and not to the better in my opinion. Emotions feel a bit too cold and distant, old songs like "Lies" are left out and the Rock effect is missing. New was also a female background singer - and some might enjoy that as you could hear several tones that did not quite fit. But that Lady is something for the eyes. They better fare with guitarist Markus Jidell who seems to be the best choice for duels with Anderson. Still opinions differ, some think itīs great, some wanted West back. Still this evening was a nice distraction of the dull daily routine.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Weber

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