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Rekorder / Auletta / Vanja

Stadt / City Frankfurt 
Land / Country GER 
Web www.musikrekorder.de
Datum / Date15.05.2008 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Rekorder_2008 
Photos: Cindy Bansemer / Eric Schreiner 
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Warm breeze, blue sky, sunshine - the perfect weather for beer garden, strolling through the city or hanging out at a beach. Still we and some more people are drawn into the dungeons of club Nachtleben, to the CD release party of Frankfurt´s Alternative-Rock-Band ‘REKORDER’. It´s time for the ‚Revolution’! First only available in words and on stage, or in a pressed format in a jewelcase.

The warm up is this time on VANJA, a German acoustic Pop ensemble, and AULETTA, a Indie-Rockband from Mainz who will be playing at Rock am Ring and with ‚Wir sind Helden‘ soon.

And those 4 guys - Alexander Zwick (voc,git), Martin Kloos (git,voc), Johannes Juschzak (dr,voc) and Daniel Juschzak (b,voc) deserve those gigs. Their songs „Schlagt Alarm“ and „Wallhalla ein Engel kein König“ from the 2007 Album „Heimatmelodien“ are absolutely recommendable, and I am sure that you will see and hear more good things of this band. The audience seems to be of the same opinion.

After a 30 min interval the lights go down and attention is directed towards the illuminated drum kit on stage. You hear the words of „Was ist...“ from the new album ‚Revolution‘, comments, definitions and opinions of people about the question "what is revolution". The answer is given by Claudio (voc,git), Tobi (git,voc), Volker (b) and Thomas (dr), after they have entered stage. With powerful sound and great voices those 4 are impressive from the very first minute. And they can keep this vibe throughout the concert.

They play straight Rock „Ich brech aus“, the recetly re-animated „Eisbär“ Cover and also the ballad „Die Lichter meiner Stadt“, and we hear all facets of this band, material from the new album like „Nordend“ and „Die Lichter meiner Stadt“ or classics like „Lass uns reisen“ and „Astronauten“. All texts are authentic, believable and taken from everyday life. And even better: put into music you can dance to those texts. The audience is inspired, old fans rocker with young headbangers and "teeters". No doubt, despite national background this band is international! They are convincing, from bass to vocals, every minute with every song. Two encores, and 1,5 hours of concert are over, but not the party. The well-filled merchandise stand attracts many people, and we spot the happy band members there, too. So this is what revolution looks like.

Cindy Bansemer, tranls. K.Weber

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