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Killswitch Engage | Twelve Tribes | All That Remains

Stadt / City Essen 
Land / Country Germany 
Zeche Carl 
Datum / Date28 Jan 2005 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Killswitch Engage 
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"A Bid Farewell“ was the opening song and apparently very well known to the audience. Everyone was growling along with the chorus and the shouts of the band were considerably louder and more haunting than on the record, which was very impressive! Nothing to complain about, as far as the vocals are concerned, either. No one really expects a metal band with such a stage act to hit every single note, after all. Well, I don’t. The band were clearly having fun with the audience, which in turn had a lot of fun with them.

I got the chance to see a tiny bit of the support bands during „Hope is …“, when a member of All That Remains and a member of Twelve Tribes came onstage and rocked along.

As was to be expected, most of the songs were off the current album „The End of Heartache“. They also played THE hit from their debut album „My last Serenade“ and after a short hour, everyone returned home, worn out and happy.

All in all a memorable, successful show.

Robert Seyfert

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