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Elenium, Reversion

Stadt / City Hellcity 
Land / Country Finland 
Web www.eleniumband.com; www.reversionband.com
On the Rocks 
Datum / Date08.09.2008 
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On Monday evenings Helsinki resembles rather a ghost town than a capital of a whole country. Busses and trams are as empty as Paris Hilton´s head, there are only a few tourists wandering around on their shortest way back to the hotel and even in Kallio, the cheap drinking district, the sidewalks have been rolled up a long time ago. Luckily, however, there´s the On The Rocks club in the center, where, under the motto “booze makes Mondays better”, bands play for free every week.

Also in the club itself there are then so few people that those who have come are greeted personally from the stage because most of the attendees were friends of some sort but also fans from Italy had spared no pains to come to rainy, dreadful Finland. Also the STALKER die hard fanclub just couldn´t miss out on that gig once again cause the band bears certain dangers of addiction, so approach with caution!!

Aggressive and energetic but also melodic-atmospheric as always there were besides songs from the last two albums also two new songs and a cover, Faith No More´s “Digging The Grave”, to which everyone could rock out as pleased. If there should ever be a course in Death Metal Modern Dance vocalist J would be the perfect person in charge.

By the way, STALKERS very own editor Klaudia, notorious for her caricatures of metal bands, didn´t have mercy on the Ele-guys either. See here what happens when you like to wear your jeans a little lower… (= the new Elenium merchandise, now available!)


Already when the guys of Reversion walk towards the stage at least two face look awfully familiar. And this déjà-vu could be confirmed later on because Finnish musicians are generally a bit under-worked with only one band and so it was no surprise to learn that Aleksi Parviainen (voc) and Toni Paananen (drums) are also busy with Finnish progsters Malpractice.

As far as I remember there is no big difference between those two bands musically. Both sound for me, at least if it comes to live performances, somehow a little two paralleldimensionary, “oriental space prog”, anyone? Especially Aleksi Parviainen´s vocal styles stoke fears for all glassware in the near vicinity but also his ass-shaking stage antics are a little questionable.

Be it as it may, after the gig Monday is over and we are one step closer to a debauched weekend.

Kathleen Gransalke. photos: Klaudia Weber

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