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Before The Dawn Pre-Listening Event

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Datum / Date25.09.2008 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery BTDsemifinal_2008 
Photos: Klaudia Weber 
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It was not quite an ordinary gig that lured exactly 100 fans to Semifinal: Before The Dawn offered a Sneak Preview of their new CD "Soundscape Of Silence", live and via CD player, before its official release on Oct 29 in Finland (Oct 31 in Europe). No wonder that the limited ticket quantity sold out quickly, and a certain anxiety could be felt rather in front of the stage than on it.

When the guys finally started the show around 22 h, rumors of a personnel change were confirmed: a certain Matti Auerkallio replaces Dani Miettinen behind the drum kit. They kicked off with some classics, like "Deadlight"-Hit "Faithless" and "My Darkness", where even I could hear some bloopers, and later "Morning Sun" seemed to be so much faster than usual... Understandable, besides a certain adrenaline boost Matti only had two rehearsals with the band before this show. And obviously he had done some overtime, as they played "Wrath", a real surprise, as this track hardly ever appears on their play lists.

Otherwise it was "business as usual", which means a tight and inspiring show, and Lars could not resist to deliver several silly comments in between. This more intimate situation provided the opportunity for even more comedy, you could hear the silly replies to Lars from the audience, too...

The new song material ("Exile", "Hide Me", "Dead Reflection") continues the concept of "Deadlight" - aggressive riffs & blasts, infectious groove, catchy melodies, growls and Larsī clean vocals - and all that in this great mixture that has Before The Dawn stick out of the pool of Scandinavian Melodic Metal bands. According to audience reactions, their next hit might be "Monsters", and their previous hit "Deadsong" ended the show that felt way too short. Afterwards "Soundscape Of Silence" was played in the club, but it did not receive too much attention, as most fans used the opportunity to chat with the band members...

Summary: Successful premiere for the new drummer Matti & great show, and despite those bloopers even mastermind Tuomas Saukkonen was satisfied. Some more reasons to be anxious about the upcoming album...
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Here you can find a teaser of the new album:

Klaudia Weber

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