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Unrest / Emarald / Zyanide

Stadt / City Pratteln 
Land / Country CH 
Z 7 
Datum / Date4.10.2008 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Unrest_2008 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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This evening featured a celebration, the 20th anniversary of the German band Unrest. But there should have been only 25 tickets sold beforehand, and when Z7 opened, only 7 people were waiting there - on a Saturday, and although there are not so many alternatives for Metalheads in this area...

Getting on the bill at short notice, the Swiss newcomers Zyanide (photo above) did not quite fit to the rest of the line-up. Still this show was a big honor for the guys, at Swiss Nro 1 Metalclub after playing only a couple of shows.. With good sound and full power they want to turn it into a special evening. Their former bass player Marko is now swinging the stringed axe, where he can present his talents much better. Another Marco is now their new man on the bass. The guys pull off a good show and definitely won some new fans.

have been around since 1995, the Heavy Metal of those guys from Freiburg is very melodious. You can hear the influence of 80s bands like Savatage, Running Wild or Iron Maiden. Everything very professional and just right to sing and rock along. Singer Jvo Julmy masters very high pitched tones that probably could destroy glasses. The people in the hall are excited and now well-prepared for the evening´s highlight.

The Germans Unrest have a motto for their 20-anniversary-tour: 20 Songs from 20 years, and those guys from Bremen made a good choice, not too many ballads but rocking and well-known songs. They also offer a special, a free download on their homepage of the Unrest-show at the Swiss Back To Rock Festival Show 2007 (see the STALKER report). This download contains 13 songs with a playing time of almost 1 hour. A nice gesture to say thanks to all fans for those years of support.
When singer Sönke said “20 years of destroyed hotel rooms, drinking, drugs and sex", drummer Guido just replied "That wasn´t us!" But if they were talking about another band or if it was wishful thinking of a Rocker cliche past, it will remain a secret this evening. High spirits and Kick-Ass-Rock create a nice atmosphere for those 150 fans who enjoy the mix of old and new songs. After 5 encores we just stop counting, it seems the band doesn´t want to leave the stage at all. Good luck for the next 20 years, guys!
Check the live-photogalleryhere!

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Weber

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