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Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date26 Oct 2008 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Blind_Logo_Hamburg_2008 
Photos: Samira Alinto 
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They had a perfect set up for a journalistic crucifixion; a tired, foul tempered journalist -who was not at all amused with their music video, nor their production as a whole- was heading for a small venue wherein they played. But lo, they did not suck!

The instrumental talent was not anything to be overly praised for, but the vocals deserve some credit. Note that Steve is not Sebastian Bach, nor is he anything close to Freddy, but he has talent, and you canīt hear his German heritage in his singing. Having a non-German sound was one of Blindīs aims in the first place, so well done there.

The bandīs interacting with the audience was quite intense. Lots of props for brining the young bloke on stage to sing; he didnīt freeze and seemed to have a bit of an orgasm when he opened up his pipes. But these are the kind of moments in young peopleīs lives that give that final nudge to start off a high school band and to become a front liner in a festival. What was a bit of a surprise was to see the audience singing along a lot of the time (this is their debut), which goes to show a building up of a fan base.

Unfortunately, it wasnīt perfect either. As stated previously, their musical talent has some more to hope for. They lack originality and this is a big minus considering the crowded Hard Rock genre they fall into. Sure, it was their first and only album they were playing and have time to improve, but they fail to amaze none the less.

I do recommend going to see their show as what they lack in talent is overly compensated with pure vigour. In the end, credit is given where credit is due (note that I gave a newcomer extra half point).

Ozzy Aikas

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