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Los Bastardos Finlandeses

Stadt / City Helsinki  
Land / Country FIN 
Virgin Oil 
Datum / Date18.10.2008 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery LosBastardos_2008 
Photos: Klaudia Weber 
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A touch of Mexiko and Sergio Leone Westerns took over the Virgin Oil Club in Helsinki for one night and had you even forget the crappy weather outside, which was indeed far far away from sunshine and destert scenario. Los Bastardos Finlandeses celebrated the release of their second album "Return of El Diablo", and the club was full, the audience already nicely warmed up by the opening act. It was indeed a bit like in the Titty Twister club, only less bloody. Those Finnish Bastards had already impressed me in CD form, and live they pull off this get-go Rock´n´Roll that reminds you of Motörhead, Thin Lizzy or ZZ Top even better live. And even better in a club than at, for example, Sauna Open Air where I had seen them for the first time. They pulled off an energetic and inspiring show, so it was impossible to stand still. The "Grizzly Bear" front man El Taff Bastardo displayed his entertainer qualities and his great rusty voice, sometimes you could think you hear Lemmy singing. No wonder they played the Motörhead classic"Ace Of Spades" as their last encore,to round up their nice mix of old and new material, e.g. White Knuckles, Gung Ho, Born´n Raised, Happy On The Run, Red Eye Station. Therefore any"Red Eyed Rock´n´Roller" in front of the stage shouted "Viva! Los Bastardos!" and could walk home with a big smile.
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Klaudia Weber

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