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Last CareZ

Stadt / City Köln 
Land / Country GER 
Web www.myspace.com/lastcarez
BüZe Ehrenfeld 
Datum / Date18.09.2008  
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery LastCarez_2008 
Photos: Diana Nasif 
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Sometimes one simply has luck and is present at the stage debut of an previously unknown band who reveals to be a masterpiece. I´m speaking here of Last CareZ at a „rock against Nazis“ event. The five boys from Cologne affectionately call their musical direction "Lovemetal".

Front man Pierre gives full energy right from the start, nothing can be heard from the cold mentioned in the preliminary talk. With a mad energy he fires his songs in the hall and also those 100 spectators notice that something special happens here. If the mood was still rather cool and shy with the two bands before, now the hall has crossed a critical mass. Everywhere one sees eager faces and movement. Pierre sees this and gives everything. The triangular stage leaves enough place for microphone stand acrobatics and the monitor boxes invite to stand on it and pose. Pierre is anything but a shy singer, clutching the mike all the time - on the contrary. He wants to rock and show to all that Last CareZ have something to say. Space is also offered to the rest the band. For the guitarsoli he leaves and disappears briefly backstage.

Generally the whole band is very confident, no blunders can be heard. Beginning with drummer Stefen Berg who also integrates the keyboard samples perfectly, there is also mega-cool Lars Kaufmann on bass who makes a very lcool and likeable impression also in the conversation, as well as both guitarists Sören Rettig and Thomas Wirtz who share the guitar part with a lot of rhythm feeling. All fits and forms a unity. The killer songs of their first EP "First Caress" are performed, e.g. "I want life" and "Vicous Circle", as well as the ballad "The chamber". But also two new songs are present which has one hope for a new album. And it would be a crime if this wouldn´t happen.

Also check the photo gallery (link above).

Gernot Hermenau

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