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Sonata Arctica / Paganīs Mind / Vanishing Point

Stadt / City Oberhausen 
Land / Country GER 
Datum / Date22.11.2008  
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Sonata,Pagan,Vanish_2008 
Photos: Timo Päßler 
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The last concert of the tour with Vanishing Point from Australia, Pagan`s Mind from Norway and Sonata Arctica from Finnland, not quite a homogenous group, in the middle of the Ruhr area in Germany.

Vanishing Point
From the first minute, you can feel that these guys have learned much on this tour. A very good performance as well as very good stage acting are quite impressive. This is not self-evident for an opening act.

Pagan`s Mind
Again, you can feel that stageacting und interaction with the audience has improved much, compared to the tour in spring with Brainstorm. But he problem is, that this sort of Prog Metal does not really fit to the Power Metal of the other two bands. So the audience reactions are a bit reserved. But his changes imediatly when Pagan`s Mind played their last song: `Two Minutes to Midnight`! This is one evberybody knows and loves, and they pull it off even with just one guitarist.

Sonata Arctica
The Finnish headliners begin their set with the new tracks `Black & White` and `Paid in Full`. In the beginning it appears that the band acts a bit reserved. Actually it takes some time until the ice between the band and the audience is broken. But by the middle of the 100 minute set, both band and fans are warmed up and so the party can beginn!
Very cool - Toni Kakko initiates the encore block by turning the audience into an a-capella drum kit. As traditional for last concerts, the crew is playing some tricks to Sonata. The sound man is pitching the voice everal times, not really fancy, but still funny! At 0.30 o`clock the last tune is played and he happy crowd is released into the cold night of Oberhausen.

Also check the photo gallery (link above)!

Timo Päßler

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