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Swallow The Sun / Silentium

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Datum / Date16.01.2009 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery STS_1_2009 
Photos: Klaudia Weber 
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The first Swallow The Sun Gig in Helsinki for the new album "Plague Of Butterflies" - that raises a question: Will they indeed play the WHOLE album? Because what you find there is basically only ONE 35 min song, in 3 parts (1. Losing the Sunsets, 2. Plague of Butterflies, 3. Evael)...

first it was the turn of Silentium to warm up the pretty huge crowd, with classical Melodic Metal, plus some Prog influences. Luckily front lady Riina Rinkinen did not sound like Tarja Turunen-clone but convinced with a variable Rock voice, occasionally supported by Basser and Showman Matti Aikio.

During their gig it became clear that the club would be VERY full, perhaps too full for my taste. Sure, Swallow The Sun created a solid fan base, not only in their home country, with continual good albums and live shows. And despite touring with e.g. Apocalyptica and Amorphis (right now with Soilwork in the USA), they are still very down to earth, sit at the merch stand before the show or mingle with the crowd. Down-to-Earth in positive meaning also their show, some unisono "Special Effect" shirts are the only new element (check out the photo gallery, link above) and keyboarder Aleksi can freak out now right at apron stage. And yes, they played the new album, in full length (!!) right away, started with a 3-part 35 min song, and after that added a full show. That means almost 2 hours of excellent entertainment, captivating as always, and containing many old hits - which was to expect, as the new album also contains a re-release of the first STS demo. Still it was a surprise that classics like "Donīt Fall Asleep" were omitted. Well, this band has so many hits now, even a 3-hour show would not be enough to play them all... yet my all-time faves "These Hours Of Despair" and "Through Her Silvery Body" were part of the program, and the enthusiastic crowd still got a couple of encores, e.g. Solitude, Out Of This Gloomy Light, before they were released into an icy night. So if you have missed out on this band until now - itīs high time to check them out!

Klaudia Weber

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