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Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country GER 
Datum / Date07.03.2009 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Pothead_2009 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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POTHEAD – the gentle men from Seattle at the river Spree (called Berlin) let their guitars weep! Yeah, it was the time of the yearly gig in Hamburg: dressed as ever in elegant, dark suits with fat ties, they offered a rocky menu of pretty many new songs or songs they haven´t played for a long time. They rock `n´rolled over two hours, so there was enough time to serve the classics like “Indian song”, “Wild weed” and “Black war”, too. The hall was well-filled, about 600 guests and just in front of the stage some really young kids – hm, perhaps at their parents home they get the Pothead-food on CD-Player from early childhood on and now they follow their parents by being fascinated of the very specific Pothead-sound: heavy, deep and strong.

Some journalists try to call this music “stoner-rock” or “grunge”, but the guys from Pothead don´t like to get fixed in such categories. Since 1994 they produce truly without any big changes or experiments their own music. They don´t copy, they don´t pay tributes to the caprice of music-business, they just do, what they are: a guitar, a bass and drums, who love to play live and loud and warmhearted. And their fans follow them on this way. A Pothead-concert is a little bit like at a family meeting: smoking, drinking beer, singing, just having a good time with so well known and well done music. The sound was excellent, and this is, what the band and their technical staff always try to reach, dependent on the hall´s possibilities. Some of the guests meant, it could have been louder, but I don´t agree. Pothead is not the loudest band on earth, but therefore the acoustical quality is much better and offers real music and not noise. So, if you want to meet a band, who follows his own way and wants you to spend a good time, go to one of their concerts.

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Andreas Torneberg

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