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Das Ich / Gothminister

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country GER 

Datum / Date15.4.2009 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery DasIch_GothM_2009 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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DAS ICH and from Norway GOTHMINISTER – the „Happiness with Cannibals“-tour rolls! The new album from Gothminister “Happiness in Darkness” meets the new work from Das Ich “Kannibale”. And “Brothers in souls” is the slogan, yeah, sure – already optically you can see, whats common: both bands love the theatralic, excessive appearance!

Outside it was still sunny and light, but the narrow entrance of the club LOGO was a dark hole, in which the black clothed gothic-electro creatures got sucked in. I saw several [soon]-prints on the shirts, and [soon] was the local support, who started exactly in time at 9 p.m. with their rocky and professional show.

The club isn´t that big, but just because of this so fine – there is no barrier, no security, no distance between the audience and the musicians, the contact is very close. Many musicians like this direct nearness, and singer Eric climbed over the stage-speakers to get even closer to his fans.

Well, the club was not well filled in spite of two well-known bands. Yes, that´s the “Hamburg on a sunny wednesday”-syndrom.

At 10 p.m. Gothminister started. White and evil painted, the frontman Björn Alexander Brem gave from beginning on full energy to the audience. He played the evil preacher, swung his devil-stick with the skull, climbed up a kind of pulpit and celebrated his role to the pounding rhythms of the electronic rocking metal-dance-storm.

11 p.m. This was the moment, when in the club the man, who is responsible vor the fog, endet his nap and started the fog-machine with full-power-mode. Immediately not only the stage, but also the whole club was hidden in fog. On the stage the “slaughter” on the keyboard tried to find the keys. Bruno Kramm, also on keys and the compositor of all the sound, got lost in the white air. Only when the band asked for less, the fog-machine got switched off.

And Stefan Ackermann, the throat and textman, danced like a red, jerking flame, like an anarchistic derwisch, sang, shouted, threatened and fall, full of enthusiasm, from the stage together with the mic and the text-desk. But it didn´t matter, shortly after this he jumped into the audience again, where he catapulted his sharp explosions face to face to the people. Electronic expressionism!

Short time before midnight Das Ich fetched their colleagues from Gothminister back on stage, and there Björn Alexander Brem had a duett together with Stefan Ackermann, rather not romantic, more evil, aggressive, demonic. The audience loved it. If you haven´t been there, you missed something.

Andreas Torneberg

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