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Mind of Doll / ContraCrash

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country Finland 
On The Rocks 
Datum / Date01.06.2009 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery contradoll_gal 
Photos: Kathleen Gransalke 
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ContraCrash came to Finland for a return visit and to travel, together with Mind of Doll, across the country. The final concert of the tour took place in the capital of the land of a thousand lakes, Helsinki. Kesäkuu – “June” in Finnish – means literally summer month and summer it was on this 1st of June for sure. With 25 degrees Celsius one could even enjoy the outdoors on one of the several beer garden terraces. And the terrace of the On the Rocks club offered a special service: sun-lotion at the bar. However, the hot weather posed a challenge for the two bands of the evening. Could they heat up the crowd in the deep rock cellar as much as the sun did outside?

ContraCrash from South Germany was trying so hard from the beginning on that most of the band members were dripping with sweat already after the first song. Well made, catchy rock metal - that´s how the songs from their debut album “Goddamn Planet” sound and which the guys presented and offered for sale in the venue, because for now it is only available already in Scandinavia, in the rest of Europe by September. More and more people turned up to see a great performance especially by the guitarist with the rocker hair, Matt Carviero. After a good and exhausting show singer Walter Schneider, who still needs to improve his “bad” rock star attitude, thanked the Finnish crowd politely for their hospitality and we say thank you, too! (CK)

The band that followed had so to speak a home stage advantage. Already before the gig started, some fans – slightly drunk - danced themselves into good mood in front of the stage. Then finally the show begins and Mind of Doll delight the crowd with their dashing sing along anthems for the “low life hero” in all of us. Erik Lundén must be the coolest guitarist on this planet as he doesn´t move a muscle in his face. Compared to him even “Iceman” Kimi Räikkönen appears like a drippy sentimentalist with a Hello Kitty obsession and also lead guitarist Sakari Virta and bassist Ide Miettinen hardly show any emotional release. So the whole performance of Mind of Doll rests on singer Visa Heinonen´s narrow shoulders.

A little worn out from the certainly “not-exactly booze-free” tour across Finland, today´s show lacks a little bit the energy of previous gigs which comes across especially in the scene where Visa sits on the floor playing his tambourine and simply looks as he was wanted nothing more than his bed and that´s probably also on the mind of many others who have stayed up this late because tomorrow, there will be an ordinary working day for all those “working class heroes” amongst us. (KG)

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Carolin Kolmeder (CK) , Kathleen Gransalke (KG)

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