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HisStory of Rock - THE BÄNDI

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country Finnland 
Tony´s Deli 
Datum / Date02.07.2009 
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THE BÄNDI gave their second acoustic gig as part of the project "HisStory of Rock" in the restaurant Tony´s Deli in Helsinki on the 2nd of July. HisStory of Rock is both, a contemporary dance performance and a live concert. As an idea the project, with THE BÄNDI and the personal history of every performer involved, has been around for some years, created by director Sami Saikkonen. He combined this extraordinary idea from producer Valerie Lopez´ basic concept of the history of Rock´n´Roll as a dance performance theme (she had also made the song selection) and the research and play outline "Seasons of Rock" by Klaudia Weber, which Lopez introduced to him in 2006.

The evening started with a historically important song "Come as you are" originally by Nirvana, which met already very high standards. It passed over smoothly to "Hound Dog" (Elvis) with a piercing growl. From now on it must have become clear to everybody that this will not be a normal evening with an ordinary dinner and uniform elevator music. THE BÄNDI - Tanya Huotari, Marjo Kiukkaanniemi, Jere Kolehmainen, Laura Kontoniemi, Sakari (Zacu) Saikkonen, Jarno Sakki und Jukka Tarvainen - act true to the motto "You will be rocked". The space, which served as a stage was much too small for the voice volumes, instruments, rhythms and extroverted motions. This acoustic gig was already a great show even without a real stage or light effects. I´m really curious, how the performance will sound and look like in the Aleksanteri-Theatre. There is definitely the right stage for this show.

I was also enthusiastic about the song selection. The gig finished with "Mies" (engl. man), the Finnish version of Muddy Water´s "Manish boy". This song was interpreted by the blonde and wispy Zacu, which gave the show a little sense of slapstick humour. But in the end he convinced me that he was truly a man. THE BÄNDI performed really that persuasive that they were forced to give an encore.

30.07.2009 19:00 Tony´s Deli Helsinki, Finland

01.08.2009 16:30 Espan Lava, Esplanadipuisto Helsinki, Finland

10.08.2009 19:00 Aleksanterin teatteri Helsinki, Finland

11.08.2009 19:00 Aleksanterin teatteri Helsinki, Finland

12.08.2009 19:00 Aleksanterin teatteri Helsinki, Finland

13.08.2009 19:00 Aleksanterin teatteri Helsinki, Finland

14.08.2009 19:00 Aleksanterin teatteri Helsinki, Finland

15.08.2009 19:00 Aleksanterin teatteri Helsinki, Finland

Grit Kabiersch, photos: Michael Ashton, Klaudia Weber

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