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Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country GER 
Datum / Date15.08.2009 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Intwine_2009 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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A baby-blue sky over sunny Hamburg, in the harbour an open-air-festival – so, for what the people should visit an old, dark rock club? Because of Intwine from the Netherlands - in their country already well known and in the Top of the charts, but abroad still an insider’s tip. The new album “Kingdom Of Contradiction” already appealed with a lot of ideas, very differentiated and with amazing influences of “world music”. Guitar player Jon explained before the concert, the band would play with the same joy in front of a few people as for many. And, well, there came only a few dozen… But the Logo club is a good place for a close contact between artists and a small audience, and the chemistry worked. Jon climbed several times down from the stage and went with his electric guitar through the guests.

The music lives from the changes between the hard rocking metal and more quiet passages, all interweaved by fanciful ideas and different influences. Exciting to hear from the drummer that he likes to listen to Jazz music, the guitar player prefers metal, the singer loves reggae. And all those different streams melt together, when they start to create a song together. The band’s name Intwine stands synonymously for a process of a flowing together of various and sometimes contrasting inspirations. Even psychedelic tunes in oriental style and a rocky reggae were served; nevertheless most of the songs were just hard and powerful rock / metal, on which the singer Roger Peterson, who originates from the Caribbean, demonstrated impressively the outstanding talent of his specific “reggae”-voice, which presents to the band a high recognition value.

The band decided to play more hard and straight than formerly and to emphasize the contradictions and similarities of each of the members to reach a wide spectrum. This music needs an intensive listening, because those guys can even live play all the fine nuances of their alternate compositions. So, no matter if you are in metal or rock or world music – check this band, while they play live; they have extraordinary qualities.

Andreas Torneberg

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