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Brother Firetribe

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Grande Casino Helsinki 
Datum / Date08.09.2009 
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This evening presents a concert at a very special location. Grand Casino Helsinki offers nowadays also Rock concerts to their club members - this is probably only possible in Finland. That means also special conditions for fans, only 50 tickets were for sale, still the Fennia hall was nicely filled and the party took off right from the start.

Pretty early, at 20:30 h, Brother Firetribe entered the stage and started the set with “Who will you run to now”. Naturally all those Hardcore Fans were present in the first row, all those to be seen at almost every concert. Wearing pink feather boas and with "cheerleader moves" they supported their heroes on stage, also singing along loudly, thus preventing that lyrics could be forgotten - but it´s getting really difficult to hear singer Pekka Heino.

The set continues with “Wildest Dreams” und “Runaways” and some tracks from the older album “False Metal”. The song selection was a bit one-dimensional and there was almost too much material from the new album. This special Casino environment and the small stage guarantees that you have close contact with the band, you can spot every single drop of sweat on their foreheads. Despite the temperatures singer Pekka keeps on his fringe leather jacket througout the gig, thus resembling Jon Bon Jovi, while Emppu moves around a lot in order to cool down.

Their hit song “I am Rock” is the last one in the set, and despite this way-too-short gig you can see happy faces and even happier ladies. A nice evening in an unusual seting with a band who knows how to rock.

Text + photos: Sandy Mahrer, transl. K. Weber

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