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Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country Finnland 
Virgin Oil 
Datum / Date02.10.2009 
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Spoiled for choice that´s the motto of the evening. So many great gigs at offer tonight in Helsinki – Amorphis at Nosturi, Amon Amarth at Tavastia, Status Minor at Dante´s Highlight and we go for THE Finnish festival act which at least I haven´t seen at one of their own shows and because this is my last evening in Finland I have to see an original Finnish band as the grande finale of my trip.

Kotiteollisuus play two nights in a row at Virgin Oil and at least tonight the club seems to be almost sold out. At midnight the three men from Lappeenranta climb up to the stage and are greeted with frenetic applause. The crowd in turn is greeted by singer Jouni with the words “I have a cold so the songs will sound even worse than usual!”

Already during the second song a fight between two young rowdies who are pretty drunk breaks loose in the crowd. Following the songs there are the usual dry and sexist jokes from Jouni Hynynen and he doesn´t have to wait long to get some feedback because here and there he gets the finger from someone in the audience. But he´s less than impressed and almost in defiance of it makes his way into the crowd with his guitar during the next songs where he´s immediately surrounded by ladies. The singer must have some extraordinary effect onto these ladies because all of a sudden one girl grabs him and gives him a kiss. It´s very difficult for him to get back to the stage.

At the end the guys play their songs „Tuonelan Koivut“ and „Loveen langennut“ and then they leave the stage with a happy smile. The guys certainly had as much fun as the crowd.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. Kathleen Gransalke

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