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Survivior Zero/ Deathchain/ Sotajumala

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Datum / Date24.09.2009 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery CobraTour 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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This night belongs to Finnish Deathmetal that could not be better. The label Cobra Records sent three of their bands on a Finland tour, and we went to Tavastia to check them out.

Although Sotajumala have the longest band history and probably most of the success of allt he bands that night, they go on stage first. Unfortunately not too many people have found the way to Tavastia yet, therefore itīs kind of a family happening for the war gods. Nevertheless, the spirits are high and Sotajumala face an enthusiastic audience. (SM).
Singer Mynni (photo) impresses with ultra-brutal growls and rude gestures, a charismatic front man who obviously enjoys to be on stage - and this translates well to the audience. Thumbs up! (KW)

Next are the young Deathchain guys, and that band was already presented by us in our report about this summerīs Simerock. The sound is not bad but somehow that special thing is missing, some originality, they just cannot spark the crowd. (SM)
I cannot really add more to this - it is significant that it was the Venom-Cover "Witching Hour" that got the party going. (KW)

Survivor Zero
The new band of Ex-Finntroll front manWilska, called Papa Wilska by his friends, has indeed something promising right from the start. Wilska turned the mike over toTommi Virranta and provides the bass sound instead, occasionally adding some Background Vocals (SM).
Gathering a quite experienced Metal-crew, e.g. Ex-Scourger-members, that means in terms of stage show hardly anything could go wrong. This act has a lot of entertainment potential, with a good portion of humour and silly comments - and who can stand still hearing this mix of Old-School Thrash and Death Metal with lotsa groove, you cannot help banging along. A promising new project - looking forward to next time! (KW)

More photos in the gallery, link above!

Sandy Mahrer (SM), Klaudia Weber (KW)

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