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Metalorgy: Turmion Kätilöt / Ajattara / Fear Of Domination / Verjnuarmu / Black Light Discipline

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Web siehe Text / see text
Datum / Date17.10.2009 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery MetalOrgy_2009 
Photos: Klaudia Weber 
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A promising title for a festivity: under the headline Metal Orgy 5 popular sinister Finnish acts were gathered in Nosturi club – which was certainly tested once again for its holding capacity.

Black Light Discipline

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It seemed a bit unfair that those guys from Kuopio had to go first, especially when there were no adults present yet. Or so it seemed, as the alcohol zone in the back was still totally empty when the gig started. Luckily the main area in front of the stage (where you cannot take alcoholic drinks) was already well-filled, and BLD´s Industrial Metal plus those 2 “Go-Go Girls” now and then captured the audience in no time. When “the bitter end” came, all fists were in the air – even in the by then more populated “adult area”.


More photos in the MetalOrgy gallery
Those Horror rockers from Kuopio featured a new guitar player named Tervapiru and material from their current album “Ruatokansan uamunkoetto”. Their style is a mix of Pop/Folk/Metal elements plus lyrics in Savo dialect, which appealed a lot to the audience, but for some reason Verjnuarmu´s music has unfortunately never really inspired me – therefore no more comment ...

Fear Of Domination

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Tough Industrial Metal shattered the pretty full club next. Rammstein influences cannot be denied, regarding music and stage acting by singer Saku – also co-organiser of this Metal Orgy. Occasionally I found this posing a bit too much, but the music featuring excursions to Thrash Metal was much more my taste. Therefore those guys from Rajamäki left an overall good impression. So if you´re into real tough Industrial Metal, you should check out their brand-new debut CD “Call Of Schizophrenia”.


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It was clear from the cheers and the scramble in the front that this act is in very high demand on their home soil. Their new output, a rather untypical acoustic “Noitumaa” in a Tom Waits/Nick Cave outfit, had reached the Top 10 of Finnish charts, and the band wasn´t that often on live stages recently. The guys around “anti-social” Ruoja / Pasi offered a brutal sound and a tight show – much better than last time at Tavastia club, and a much more “plugged” version of their recent material, plus some of their old hits. So no wonder that the audience went nuts.

Turmion Kätilöt

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Still there was potential for having the audience boiling over even more, when the undisputed headliner took the stage. Those “midwives of destruction” and their 2 fronters Spellgoth and MC Raaka Pee had also some more show effects to please the eye – and who has seen them already knows what I am referring to... While MC Raaka Pee gave new meaning to the adjective “anti-social”, Spellgoth was getting close to the fans – quite literally. The audience sang along to hits like Verta ja lihaa, Sika, Kirosana or Million Dollar Business and cheered violently. For the grand finale Metal Orgy co-organizer Saku was invited on stage – where the 2 TK fronters forced him on his knees, tore his clothes of and spanked him mercilessly. Well. What are they doing with people who are less well-meaning towards the band??? Anyway, it was a successful and indeed excessive Metal Orgy, indeed...

Klaudia Weber

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