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Closterkeller / The Chillout

Stadt / City Szczecin 
Land / Country PL 
Datum / Date23.10.2009 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Closterkeller_2009 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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Closterkeller belongs since 20 years to the leading acts of the dark scene and to the load-bearing walls of Polish rock. The column of the band is the singer Anja Orthodox with an exceptional strong and significant voice. In the occasion of their new album “Aurum” they celebrate now a 23 concerts-tour through Poland. The walls of the club Slowianin in Szczecin, where the concert on October 23 took place, still breathe the nostalgic charm of a socialistic, austere cultural centre. The concert hall is separated by a foldable sliding panel from the bar – better: the canteen – where the guests dropped in.

After the panel was opened the almost unknown polish support band The Chillout started to rock, but without to provoke a fanatic rush of audience. The people stood back at the tables of the canteen concentrated to rise the percentage of beer in their organisms. A tiny dozen strolled to the stage, where the band tried its best with a lot of fun and, yes, absolutely talent. But the style was neither unique, nor unusual or snappish that it could really tug the people to the stage. So, the applause was rather restrained.

This changed after the headliner appeared. Closterkeller does not belong to the bands, which thrill the audience to raged riots – the music changes too complex between the expressions, offers beautiful rock of intense atmosphere besides hard driving Goth-metal. Anja Orthodox does not only own a strong voice, after the experience of 20 years on stage she represents the pathetic aura of a diva with the charisma to fascinate people. To introduce a new album with till now unknown songs is never easy. The audience started to react more enthusiastically after the band played their hits and older songs, to which belong some heavy stuff and driving tracks for dancing; than there developed a rush and choirs, who sang the refrains – and especially people of the East love to sing ;)

After one and a half hours there was a break, the band went off – already the end? No, they returned, Anja had taken off her gorgeous, heavy skirt and they started really to celebrate a hot climate with long instrumental passages in which the splendid guitar player Mariusz Kumala was able to spread out some psychedelic string carpets. Closterkeller showed once again that they are on a high level a real exciting and extraordinary live-act. Not really for the dance-floor, no bursting noise, but in old style extremely well played gothic-rock full of interesting vibrations to feel and enjoy.

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Andreas Torneberg

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