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Electric Eel Shock / The Cumshots

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country GER 
Datum / Date13.11.2009 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery EES_2009 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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It is recommended to use a water-resistant, shock-protected camera for photographing Max Cargo. The audience in front of the stage keeps an obvious safe distance to the rampage of the two metres high frontman from the Norwegian Cumshots. This doesn’t help a lot, because the stage is much too small for Max and the microphone has a tricky extension cable with which he is able to visit even the rear places in the club.

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Also the barman has to make this experience, where Max enjoys a walk on the bar. This idea the guitarist finds awful and worth copying. Soon after Max rolls convulsively between the audience on the floor. And while I try concentrated to take a shot of the guitarist I feel somebody tries to tug my camera away; Max, of course. It’s not because my often used flashlight under dark and hazy conditions would have disturbed, no, Max wants to take photos by himself, too. So I am standing without work while Max is very happy to shot the guests from the stage with my cam.

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By the way, yes, there was also music playing – loudly, wildly, hardly and enthusiastically presented by the band with full commitment.

The following Japanese Electric Eel Shock have in the beginning some trouble to dissolve the traumatic status of shock in which the audience grew stiff. „We are Electric Eel Shock! You are Electric Eel Shock! We are all Electric Eel Shock!“ – this band talks about 150 percent EES live and tries to realize that EES is not only the band but all inside of this hall.

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The guests quickly get involved inside of the cheerful energy and the powerful rock. It isn’t only about to rip riffs but entertainment and joyful communication - those both Japanese, who are accompanied by the British drummer James Tomas, busy make that very clear. After a short time the crowd gets in move, and although northern Germans do not like to break out in ecstatic eruption obviously the music hits their nerves. In between Aki intersperses some quotations with his electric strings – tunes from Black Sabbath and Van Halen betray who are his idols. And bass player Kazuto shows his joy to climb on the highest speakers.

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Two encores close a great evening with two sweeping, forceful bands.

Andreas Torneberg

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