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Stadt / City Pratteln  
Land / Country CH 
Z 7 
Datum / Date30.11.2009 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery jorn09 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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Soon this year is over, and many people might wonder what it had done to them. Some might even lose hope, again dreams could not been fulfilled. That means it´s time to listen to a favorite song, perhaps even Jorns „Rock`Roll Angel“, in order to gain new strength and courage, to fight once again for your dreams, no matter how distant,unrealistic and hopeless they might seem. And if there´s even an opportunity to see those songs live, there´s nothing to stop you – so stand in front of the stage, get swept away by the music, forget everything around you and become enchanted – our world and our lives would be nothing without music, and our dreams...

It should have started at eight, but there´s no opening act, that means we have to wait some more, chatting with friends. Around nine they finally enter the stage, and those 500 people do not mind the waiting and get the party starting. Within the first seconds the crowd goes nuts, no wonder with such great songs from the latest album „Spirit Black“. Jorn and his musicians seem to have fun, too, the guitarists handle their instruments skilfully, no matter if it´s emotional or tough stuff.

Drummer Wild Willy gives a hard rhythm, but when Jorn raises his voice he is enchanting the crowd, putting smiles on the faces of his fans and stars are shining in their eyes. He is a sympathetic personality with an exceptional voice. After those 2,5 hours you could have listened more, a great gig that could not be improved. No matter how often you have seen Jorn live, it is always a special experience. Let´s hope that the new year brings more gigs with him, no matter if with Masterplan or with Jorn.
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Sandy Mahrer

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