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The Gathering

Stadt / City Prague  
Land / Country Czech Republic 
Datum / Date28.01.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Gathering_10_gal 
Photos: Dušan Hýl 
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After a long wait (I missed them in Haarlem, The Netherlands by one day back in 2006), The Gathering finally appeared through the smoke and fog and performed the opener of their new outing The West Pole, “When Trust Becomes Sound” . New vocalist Silje Wergeland later took the stage, and though drummer Hans Rutten had told me during our interview before the show that she was a little ill, her voice was beautiful and controlled and at times can be quite similar to Anneke´s .

After 20 years of performances, the band still remains animated on stage and continues to inspire the crowd - a pretty lively one on this night. There were no frills here at Abaton (not even warmth), only fog, but The Gathering´s excellent performance was enough to more than satisfy. They played some old favorites including Analog Park from the If Then Else album and Travel off How To Measure A Planet.

Silje is able to do an excellent job singing, both the old and the new, her voice very fitting for the task at hand. Even though Abaton was quite frigid, the sound was good and The Gathering put on a show that managed to warm us all.

Lann Davis, transl. Kathleen Gransalke

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