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Hypocrisy | Survivors Zero | Drone

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date24 January 2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Hypocrisy_Zero_Drone_02_2010 
Photos: Samira Alinto 
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Though the evening was full of fun and games, there were two slight tragedies which fell upon the show. Namely the hugely popular Hatesphere lost a member (no he´s not dead) and had to cancel the concert as well as the tour. Secondly, Hypocrisy´s mixer decided to have a free day, or at least that´s what it sounded like.

The first band, Drone, was a very nice surprise.

The hard hitting thrash worked very well and the audience agreed that they kicked ass. The few members of the audience who´d mistaken them for Hatesphere looked somewhat confused though. The slightly over enthusiastic announcements were quite funny and the guys from Celle fired up the mid-sized Markthalle audience.

Hailing from Finland, Survivors Zero is currently accompanying Hypocrisy on their European “Long Time, No Death” Tour.

With a lot of "Finntroll" screams out of the front row, the audience welcomed the new band with the renowned Tapio Wilska, who rocked the bass and backup vocals. Had one thought that it was another folk-metal act, one would have been disappointed; Survivors Zero played rough trashy death metal, which was ever so slightly better than what Drone had to offer, but these two bands definitely play in the same league. The singer decided to skip the announcements in between the songs and hammered one thrash/death song after the other with his band mates. The Kreator cover was kinda brave, but didn´t really work that well as the voice of the singer sounded a little weak towards the end.

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As hinted in the introduction, the sound of Hypocrisy was mildly said… horrible.

Throughout their whole act there was a strange, loud and above all irritating humming. It is unclear as to why the sound was so horrid; whether it was due to their wireless kit or a effed up amp – it was really bad. Had it been any lesser band than Hypocrisy playing, most of the people would have buggered off. But since this was not the case pretty much the whole audience stayed and tried to enjoy the music within the infernal humming. However, Markthalle saw a Stalker leaving before the end of the whole set.

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In the end, the concert was no catastrophe, except for the Hatesphere fans crying in the toilets –no bullshit. The warm-up bands deserve all the points, and Hypocrisy deserves a decent mixer.

Ozzy Aikas

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