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Emergenza Festival : INFECTION

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date21/02/2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery infectionlogo 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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The Emergenza-Festival – worldwide the biggest contest-festival for newcomer-bands in Northern Germany – runs over a couple of weeks through a lot of preliminary rounds until the final in which the happy winners will be elected. On 21st of February the show started which satisfied by a remarkable level with much joy of playing rock music.

Trock `n´ Dock from Hamburg started the evening with a hot portion of German-speaking pop-rock, followed by Attic Cell from Schleswig-Holstein, who offered an atmospheric and strong performance of progressive rock/metal; after this a fresh and driving gig of a young band called The Rockaddicts. The club was well filled; nevertheless the audience reacted in the known Northern-German reserved style, sympathizing, but with a safety distance to the stage. At least the Hamburg-Wandsbek band Another Day Of Nothing was able to lure the people closer to the stage by serving a heavy mix-shake of metal-rap. But it was only after the band INFECTION started the show that the temperature grew up.

Infection is not only from Hamburg, but from Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg at the southern border of the harbour, the multicultural-pot of the city. That reflects in the line-up of the band, too, whose members are from Turkish, Afghan, Serbian and Macedonian families, and this mixture seems to create pure energy: from the first second on the people crowded to the stage, immediately there was a strong contact between band and audience which reacted on the powerful metal with enthusiasm. Each band had half an hour to give a proof of their strength, and Infection filled this time up to the border. Musical delicacy, refined solos or subtle compositions do not belong to the remarkable signs which could disturb the pure concentrated blast of heavy gothic metal which was served with an obvious charisma. Already in the last year Infection got attention when they played as a support band for Lacrimosa.

After this show most people left the club, although there were still two more bands on the schedule. Nuda Veritas looked into a half-empty hall. The people adjourned to the bar and the tables after the Infection-explosion. The singer tried all his luck, but even his appeal “come on, let’s rock together” didn’t mobilized the relaxing people. At least Ill Dope, who concluded the evening, was able to get the visitors back to the stage, but it needed much effort and fury metal. Obviously most of the visitors came because of Infection. Bad luck for those, who had to play after them. At the end it was possible to vote and to make some crosses on a paper which band should win and get the chance to enter the next step, the semi-final. In fact, even without election it was sure, who had win this evening. But generally it was an impressing preliminary round Emergenza had offered with talented, great bands.

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Andreas Torneberg

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