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Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date29.4.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Infection_gallery 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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As if the Deathstars would have a show during a contest "who plays a smooth reggae or a catchy party-rock" the band INFECTION performed their dark metallic hard-rock and slipped rather into an outsider position during the semi-final of the Emergenza-Festival in Hamburg. The most of the guests were in end-of-the-work-day-good-mood and preferred a security distance to the rough acting on stage.

Blessedly there were several fans in front of the stage with whirling hairs and vigorous jostle, who declared this place to their prohibited area. Guitar, bass, drums - these three built massively walls of sound in which singer Tümay spread out his fierce shout-vocals. Beside it, he showed his talent as a frontman even acting and tried to catch the audience and to pull them into the vibes.

Who face up a little closer with Infection- such as on their myspace-side or on http://infection1606 - will mention that originally the band was constructed to be more morbid and darker. During this show only some makeup and one single demonic contact-lens are left. Anyway, the black homogenous clothes they donned made a difference to all the other groups in blue jeans/sweaty T-shirts. But the Visual Kei could be still overworked in detail. In any case, the band has shown even under adverse circumstance in front of an audience, who expected less rough sounds, their obvious ability and genius. Infection is a very young band, so it is to wait and to wish, if their power stays strong enough to go through the hard conditions of rock-business.

They just published now a first single, but already a full longplay-album is at work to get released in the end of the year. Who is a friend of thrilling presence in hardrock/metal-music should give this band live a try!

More photos above in the gallery!

Andreas Torneberg

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