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Donots / Royal Republic

Stadt / City München 
Land / Country GER 
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Datum / Date23.04.2010 
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The tour stop in Munich leads the Donots into the sold out club 59:1 to showcase their new album. That these guys normally fill much larger venues is beyond question. However, they decided knowingly on this location as one of the smallest in their tour calendar. The lack of spatial separation between fans and stage generated a feeling of familiarity.

The evening was opened by the quartet “Royal Republic” who presented some songs from their current debut album “We are the royal”. From the opening song “Walking down the line” up to “The end” they had an energetic performance and got the audience into the mood for what was to come.

Set list Royal Republic
Walking down the Line, All because of You, Full stream space Mashine, President`s daughter, Underwear, Tommy – Gun, Oi Oi Oi, The End

The DONOTS stated their set with the first two songs from their new album “The long way home”. With “Changes” they put the club into a distinctively positive mood, before letting loose with their second song “Calling”. The mixed program with songs from “Pocketrock” or “Coma Chamelion” created an interesting and diverse evening.

Right from the start the really likeable band enjoyed themselves, which was shown by their energetic, impulsive and sweaty performance. That feeling was perceptible throughout the entire audience. Especially the small size of the club created a buzzing atmosphere – the fans were literally bouncing off the walls. Vocalist Ingo let himself get carried away by the smashing vibes and started stage diving. To cut a long story short: the club trembled.

To resort to acoustic instruments during the concert was absolutely fitting. For example the song “The years gone by” from the new album underlined it. Specifically for those songs, a sixth man in the background supported the band on guitar.

With their hits “Sacharine smile”, “Stop the clocks” and “We’re not gonna take it” Alex, Eike, Jan-Dirk, Ingo and Guido gave their encore, followed by the last title, during which the fans were at the Donots´ feet - literally! Standing amidst the sitting crowd, Ingo and Guido played “Superhero”. The predicted lounge atmosphere was wholly perceptable. You definitely won’t be disappointed by their gigs, because Donots simply are an awesome live band!

Setlist Donots
Changes, Calling, Oh yeah, Today, To hell with you, Hello knife, New hope fort he dead, Up song, Pick up the pieces, Room with a view, Forever ends today, High and dry, Wretched boy, Let it go, The years gone by, Not a drill, Duck and cover, Whatever 80s, Dead man walking, Saccharine smile, Stop the clocks, We`re not gonna take it, Superhero // good-bye routine,

Karoline Seibel, Stefan Knackert, photos Markus Seibel

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