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M.A.N. + Nemhain + The Cumshots

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date12/05/2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Logo Konzert 12.5.2010 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 

A fat pack of hot boiled guitar rock was what has thundered in the club Logo. Ahead to warm up played the support from Hamburg EXHUME THE HATCHET with singer Johnny, who had arranged for the organizing label Tiefdruck-Musik this M.A.N./Nemhain-Tour. His band wasn't mentioned on the posters, but fit very well with its metallic music to it all.

After that started the new band NEMHAIN from drummer Adrian Erlandsson (Paradise Lost, Cradle of Filth) in which his appealing wife Amber - formerly working as a fetish model and stage performer for such as Motörhead - sings and gives the sharp rocking music an additional special spice. Amber knows how to create an attractive performance and delights with a strong great voice. It's going about British straight heavy and punk rock, very entertaining and already on their new album (published by Tiefdruck Musik) a piece to be recommended, but live exciting, too.

After a break the Norwegian rockers The Cumshots with Max Cargo at the front entered the stage. Who ever has experienced The Cumshots live knows that unexspected things can happen. First of all, Max was in the mood to show his cock to everybody; nothing new, but for some people a reason to be happy. Somebody presented a beer to him, but with the words of his evergreen "I still drink alone" he smashed the bottle on the floor and took the destroyed bottleneck into his mouth. His try to sing with it let the blood flow out of his mouth and over his body and let some of the audience immediately leave the club. But Max went on creating his kind of show, blood, sweat and rock `n´roll, jumped from the stage and sang between the audience. His band as usual stoked up the fire and gave the right background of energy.

So, it was not that easy for the Swedish metalheads M.A.N. to keep the level of heat for the audience. Their speciality isn't the furious show, therefore ambitious and elaborated compositions with a guitar player, who creates both exciting sounds and optically and acoustically exciting so to say mutated guitars. This band celebrated a complex and calculated kind of explosiveness and concluded an evening full to bursting with highly talented music. By this measure there was not a too big crowd of guests, but those, who appeared, knew about the level. After the concerts outside already waited the nightliner to pick up the musicians and to bring them to the next station of the tour, to Rotenburg.

More photos above the text in the information part (Picturegalerie)!

Andreas Torneberg

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