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Domenica, Wild Touch, Balboa Inn

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date3.6.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Domenica_concert_2010 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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The Canadian Band DOMENICA tours around the world, and now it's Germany that get rocked. It could be called courageous to book the club Grünspan which isn't that small - especially on one of the rare days this year in Hamburg when a blazing sun attracts everybody to be outside. What happened was - and the two local bands couldn't change this - that only a very small audience appeared. Oh, Hamburg, you and your sunny days and your rock-scene - already often a reason to become desperate!

Nevertheless the Hamburg band Balboa Inn started to heat up and played temperamentally a rock/metal-fusion - but to whom? The wide square in front of the stage was yawning empty, just three or four photographers enjoyed the free space. The audience itself stood outside of the potentially dangerous reflections of the spotlights and remained behind the light- and audio-mixers back in the hall. Even when the singer asked to come closer, the audience send their applause from the safety distance, but didn't risk to draw nearer.

Domenica , who were the next, was not able to change this. Forward gunner Bekki Friesen tried it with her rockinīguitar and with sexy appearance and German oration - finally a good chance to use the language which she learned in school - but the three dozens of visitors didn't want to enter into her influence and the splashing sweat of her two assistance on the strings. It is difficult for a band to develop fun and power on stage - what they really tried - if there is no audience which answers the energy. So, Domenica played their songs, but rather suddenly after an hour the show was over and the band disappeared from the stage.

This seemed to by the signal for many of the visitors to leave and check the warm evening of June outside. Anyway, when the third band, Wild Touch, got started, nearly nobody was there to see them. It didn't seem to matter for the band. The singer gesticulated and shouted into the empty hall like one of those, who are happy, if they monologue to themselves. But - oh, wonderland - out of the dark corners some shadows came closer and a full dozen of human beings went to the stage. The band in best mood performed one song after the other, not big differences between them, but this rock `nīroll-partysound was, what made this bunch of people shake their limbs.

It was from all three bands a great rock`nīroll show with a lot of energy, but deadly drowsy audience. Letīs buy a whip for the next time, no?

More photos above in the gallery!

Andreas Torneberg

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