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Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date4 June 2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Pothead_gallery_hamburg_2010 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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We have rock, metal, grunge, blues and some more. And we have Pothead. This Berliner string ensemble have their own musical drawer; therefore most of comparisons with living, dead or undead musicians or bands are inappropriate.

They showed their genetic exceptionalism once again in this year's concert in the Hamburg Markthalle. And that became really rare nowadays: the celebration of an own cosmos of sound. Their music is not spectacular, but bases on even traditional spectra of guitar rock.

Their music is not innovative or experimental, not provocative or shocking. For that it's honest, real and intensive. This is, what guaranteed through all the years a continuously growing, enthusiastic fanbase.

Who visits a concert of Pothead, knows at bottom what he has to expect. Like an expensive Whisky usually doesn't disappoint, the three gentlemen from the Spree know how to delight the palate of their audience. It becomes especially interesting, when Brad leaves the original studio-based structures of his songs and sends his guitar on a psychedelic yourney.

These extraordinary excursions stand in a stark contrast to the visual attitudes of the upscale stiffness with tie and noble suits on stage. When the guitar starts unpredictably to roar or to weep and let the vibrations out of the mental bowels.

These emotions captured the well filled hall and built a fat, intense atmosphere. Right in the middle a string - zing! - ripped, but for this reason a second guitar in a fast exchange makes sense. At the end Sebastian performed a powerful solo with his drums; and Jeff achieved with his abyssal bass to destroy the halls cladding.

The line-up contained the obligatory hits like "Indian Song" or "Black Wall", but new songs from the forthcoming album "Pottersville", too. Furthermore the band works at a second live album to feed the hungry yaps with tracks from their concert in Berlin this year.

More photos above in the gallery!

Andreas Torneberg

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