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Texas Terri Bomb! / The Heartburns

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
Web siehe Text / see text
Datum / Date01.07.2010 
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Actually I don`t care a fig about Punk. That still I stumble anyway into "Semifinal" on the first July evening is a fact we have to thank Texas Terri, a legend who even was compared with Iggy Pop.

It`s not that easy thing for me to get into the right mood for the support act The Heartburns, the guys from Helsinki play Punk in its purest form, with songs like "Glad To Be Gay". The audience seems to be pleased and singer Seemu exhaust himself so much that from time to time he has to sit down. So far, so good. Only the puke at the end of the gig could have been left out, that`s really disgusting. Texas, come on stage!

Texas walks around "Semifinal" already during the Heartburns gig and even cheers for her own support band, but only to prove right at the beginning of her own show: Maybe you make some hearts burning but I am the bomb! Texas Terri Bomb! kick ass right away with "Lifetime Problems", but so much energy, extrovert behavior and interaction with the audience seems to stun people at first. That doesn`t impress Texas Terri. Far from it. At first her top is flying into the audience and Texas continues her performance in a black bra which is embroidered with the red letters "TxT". By the way, it gives you the chance to see her numerous tattoos. Then she herself dives into the audience. All that during the performance for "Oh Yeah!", which sounds a bit like The Ramones. It`s not but it sounds pretty much like the legendary punk quartet. Later they play a very nice cover-version of "Sonic Reducer" by The Dead Boys. Of course she animates you to sing along, the audience is finally thawed... Or drunk enough and therefore uninhibited?

Eye-candy for female concert visitors: also the bass player is throwing his shirt into a corner and more tattoos are shown. "Tattoos, naked skin and lots of Punk`n`Roll": That`s how you could summarise the whole gig. And considering this energy which Miss Texas Terri is spreading during the whole show, comparisons to the Stooges frontman aren`t far-fetched at all. And that she is a legend, but not a diva, which she will prove one more time when she is jumping again from the stage back to the audience after the show to say "Goodbye" with a hug to almost each audience member, albeit she is totally soaked with sweat: "one [hug] for the road". Yeah, right: On the road, there we wanna see you soon again, Texas!


+ photos: Stefanie Singh

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