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Julien K | My Passion | Mayfield

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date5.9.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery gallery_JulienK 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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The founders of JULIEN-K from California, Ryan Shuck and Amir Derakh, look to a highly successful experience they have had with their band Orgy . With Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington they share also the project Dead By Sunrise . Cooperating with the German label Tiefdruck Musik, now they are driving a first European tour with stops in Germany, Netherlands, France and England; also here to make a name. As support, they chose the with The Kerrang! Awards nominated Best British Newcomer My Passion from England. And to heat up in the very beginning the Australian band Mayfield .

Mayfield started with a broad and heavy Grunge Rock, handmade guitar music, visually contrasting with a largely static singer/guitarist, masked the face with the long hair - next to a swirling, restless bassist. Nirvana did greet. According to information, the band has an old school bus purchased in England, set an outbound ticket in February, the return flight for December and are now playing every gig they can get in Europe. Rock `n 'roll.

Completely different from this natural grunge trio followed shortly after and styled with a lot of posing and pathos My Passion . From beginning to end, the band went furious with full energy. On their MySpace page, they seem to be quite artificial, and also pretty electronic, live it looks different - intense, rocky, wild and thrilling. After such a performance the guys must not go to the fitness.

Their fun-Metal-Punk was obviously also the public joy. While Mayfield a little like a relict celebrated old-school music, are My Passion a child of their time - music as a show, restless, entertaining and so colourful as possible, but with little facets and depth. Punk as pure entertainment.

Julien-K , the headliners, started much calmer. Just as on the CD "Death To Analog" also live the symbiosis of guitar rock with electronics by two computer terminals with keyboards was served. Obviously, here was the pose of duty, too; Ryan Shuck brought as a front man all his charm and sex in use. His supporters were behind their terminals more in the background, they left the task to activate the audience to him and were focused on the musical context.

The hybrid electro-rock worked through his strong affection for 80s pop structures on the one hand almost nostalgic. On other hand all of the musicians are so professional and talented that they can transform these structures into 21.millenium clearly. The knowledge about music history shines through: influences of recent two decades are melted into a homogenous product and this served as an impressive show. And that it was not just made as a routine, it became apparent when the band returned even after the conclusion of the concert to play another two or three songs - just for fun to rock.

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Andreas Torneberg

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