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Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date6.9.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery kingsandkillers_gallery 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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The LOGO celebrated the B-day! The LOGO - a small, defiant of the independent Club scene for everything that rocks, has become 36 years old. With unyielding pubescent energy among all the surrounding emerging, ugly-modern office complexes, a dedicated team defends against the construction policy and culture-normalizing process of our time, and this place holds the underground scene alive. Almost needless to say that the club was well attended on this special day.

Five acts were announced: Urban Majik Johnson , which we had been recently reported during their concert at the Hamburg Town Hall market. The entertaining rock duo The Pack , Der Flotte Totte , Songwriter Götz Widmann and the rock formation Kings & Killers , which in July already attracted our attention with an excellent, self-financed and produced CD and which we have now considered a closer look - whether the studio qualities can be confirmed live on stage.

During an air-gasping smoke-break outside the club could be heard the nagging of a complainer about "the boring, dull rock of Kings & Killers . Yes, there are people who do not recognize what is good. There are those for which the head chef does the cooking and then complain they do not eat vegetables. Warped philistines.

As in the CD review here to read in Stalker, the trio plays no unusual sounds. One could cramp them into the great family of the grunge, strongly rocking, then calmly, almost with the blues, dipping into thoughtful fields. All emotional directly without poses. Not revolutionary, but personally, while at high levels.

Gratifying to hear that the singer owns also broadcast live the strong voice that has been made on the album impression. No shouting, no roaring, clear, melodic vocals. Nice to see how well the band is harmonizing. The show lasted just half an hour times and was the opener of the evening. On their MySpace page you can see that will now follow in December alot of gigs.

Who is on good, strong till calm, handmade rock, should visit one of the bands shows. They are not super hip, not complying with the latest trendy fashion, nor do they dictate the musical avant-garde of the millennium, but they have personality.

More pics above in the gallery!

Andreas Torneberg

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