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NEMHAIN + Der Schulz + Unzucht

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date16.09.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery nemhain_markthalle_2010 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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For the second time this year the Brit-rockers NEMHAIN, the band of (fetish model) Amber and her husband drummer Adrian Erlandsson (Paradise Lost), jumped across the Channel to Hamburg. In May, nor with the Norsemen of MAN and The Cumshots on the road, this time blowing a rather unexpected group for the opening. From a Niedersachsen / Berlin geographical crossover "singer" Der Schulz was on stage and opened nearly unplugged, thus virtually acoustically the evening.

"The true antisocialists you're up there" the provocative-sounding bard started to shout. Between the whimsical anecdote, why the band had difficulty come to the Hamburg concert date in time because a woman had jumped from a highway bridge in front of an oncoming vehicle. Tragic, but told cheering direction, like much of what Der Schulz performs in an entertaining way, the tragedy, including the political, with cheer and good humour he knows how to combine. At his side the entourage cellist b.deutung , who also plays at bands like Deine Lakaeien and long time ago at the legendary Inchtabokatables .

Some Der Schulz-fans stood in the hall and gave eager applause. Sadly there was rather a pretty small audience at all. What did not change, that it was a fine performance with a well-tempered chapel. After a short break, during which was switched from acoustic to electric, began the second band of the evening - this year already on the M'era Luna Festival celebrated band Unzucht . Who should have been surprised at the amazing similarity of the singer with this from the previous playing combo - it was the same - a smart wool cap almost beyond recognition in the outer clad image - Daniel Schulz, who is here in the gothic rock look for clues.

So, one has Unzucht placed as a strategic link between the acoustic songs at the beginning and the hard rock of Nemhain . Much less electronically than on their MySpace site, came Unzucht as hard rockin 'quartet on stage; however, the specific electronic industrial component was missing. Here, there was live - in contrast to Der Schulz a lack of characteristics and profile. So-called Gothic Industrial Electronic Rock bands's are now abundant, and it takes musical enlightenment to shine out from the average. This seemed not yet been turned on heavily enough.

Next, and finally made Nemhain the headliner. Amber let once again her charms grow. Both - the physical and the vocal sides - are obviously present. This time a new band member was with them, nevertheless quite bloated. Malicious tongues classified it as a rubber doll. It wearied a perky ladies panties on the magnificent erection, and was by Amber in high spirits used as a prop to be finally thrown into the audience, where it landed in the arms of a employee of the label Tiefdruck Musik.

All of that was in particular the band very gratifying. Even Adrian Erlandsson on drums showed several times behind his well shaken mane a happy face. The band's music is not necessarily innovative, but bases on a kind of old-school punk-rock, wild, cheeky and direct. This will be carried live over again, making ideal to experience joy.

More photos above in the gallery!

Andreas Torneberg

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