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Crazy Lixx / The Plastic Explosives

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
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On The Rocks 
Datum / Date18.09.2010 
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To my big surprise, the queue which lead downstairs from the bar to the club area hasn`t been that long for a "Hair Rock Special" like this time when Crazy Lixx headline the third issue of it. And it seems that this events series is especially overcrowded when there are bands from Sweden. And because of the queue the opening act The Plastic Explosives are already in the middle of their set when I`m finally inside ...
The first song I hear from the Finns from Helsinki is "Keep It Up" and my first impression let me take it as a slight modified self-interpretation of KISS` "Lick It Up". Later they will play with "We`ve Got The Balls" the highlight of their set list. More smashers like this and the name "The Plastic Explosives" will be on everyone`s lips soon...

Punctualy when Crazy Lixx start performing, the number of fans seems to have doubled. Now you could joke that all the girls were before just in the ladie`s room to pretty up for the guys from Malmö but the truth is: Except from the first row, most of today`s audience is male and so it`s them who are clapping along and cheer for the band around frontman Danny Rexon. By the way, it`s the very first gig for the Crazy Lixx on Finnish mainland. Previously, they have only played on the Finnish island Mariehamn. Most of the program covers the current album "New Religion", like "21 `Til I Die" and "Children Of The Cross", and, of course, the one or other guitar solo by Andy Dawson shouldn`t be missing.

The club is full, the atmosphere is good but personally I miss that certain something tonight.
Maybe it`s because I`ve only seen the half of the first band`s gig and maybe it`s also the fact that I unfortunately won`t have the time to enjoy the set of today`s star DJ The Muff, who usually sings for NAKED, after the gigs but in any case the performances of both bands don`t contain any specials which could at least distract you from the fact that both The Plastic Explosives and Crazy Lixx could gain more musical individuality.

+ photos Stefanie Singh

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