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Mind Of Doll / Defuse

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
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Datum / Date01.10.2010 
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On Friday, after a tough week it was time to check out Playground, a small club in the heart of Helsinki, replacing the legendary Rose Garden. When entering you feel in a Quentin Tarantino-movie – many small rooms and niches in the wall to sit down. Basically cosy, but the performance space was also very small. The stage area was „as big as an ashtray“ (as Mind of Doll singer Visa Heinonen put it, we chatted with him before the show).

It started with Defuse and a good dose of heavy guitars which invited people to group politely around the stage area. Fans are hardly ever really shy, especially when they had (too many) beers for warming up – no wonder soon afterwards an audience member „joined the band“, perhaps because he wanted to take care of the guys? He forced every band member to have some of his beer, and perhaps Jani Hyvärinen & Co prevented him such from getting even more drunk and truining their show completely.

Despite all those distractions (later even clothes were thrown at the band, but were thrown back), Defuses played professionally through the set that ended with Deep Red Dead End. Respect!
Straight in Two/ Back to the underground/ Overtake/ On Your Blindside/ Killing another tear/ Cross the line/ Melting sky/ Evil Soul/ Grace the devil/ Circle/ Shot Down/ Flying Colours/ Adrift/ D.I.B/ Better Than Yours/ Someday/ Deep Red Dead End

Shortly after midnight finally Mind Of Doll took the stage, who I had been looking forward to and who were awaited by some fans. Many people dress up to go to work, with shirt, a tie and a waistcoat, so did singer Visa, providing a tough contrast to his energetic performance. That was simply great how much power he puts into his voice. Spirits went high immediately, but unfortunately there was not enough room. We got some good portion of Rock with some great guitar soli in between. The Dolls put their shoulders to the wheel – even a guitar had to be replaced – and played some songs from their Low Life Heroes-Album, but also presented some new stuff. The show seemed to be over way too soon.
Indians/ Lord I’m Not/ Never Rising/ Lack of Change/ Sick Girl Sad Case/ Hotel Satan/ Dead A.M/ Rain/ Single Malt/ Marks On My Face/ Bad Shivers

Grit Kabiersch, photos: K.Weber

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