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Before The Dawn / Dweal / Last Day Here / Aperion / Embryonic

Stadt / City Gleisdorf 
Land / Country AUT 
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Datum / Date02.09.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery BtD_HP 
Photos: Anna Grivas 
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In the beginning of September my journalist colleague Bernd and me were drawn once again to Gleisdorf, because Finnish Metallers Before The Dawn played a show with four more bands. The first was Styrian Embryonic from Gr÷bming who got the support slot because they had won the Rock The Lake Bandbattle. Just arrived, we could not see much of their Death-Metal Gig they heartily performed, ignoring the pretty empty hall. Second in the line-up were the Gothic-Metallers Aperion from our neighbour country Slovenia.

More photos in the gallery, link above!
Reinforced by cello and flute, the guys and girls created a quite nice concert atmosphere, but the female vocals strained our nerves a bit, therefore we decided to enjoy a beer and watch the rest of the show from the couch in the lobby. Next up were Last Day Here who got people rocking in the now slightly fuller location. For my taste their Nickelback-like sound is a bit too one-dimensional, even boring, because you could guess from the initial riffs what the song is going to be like. Dweal followed and also presented their new video which is indeed worth to watch. The crowd was now in quite high spirits and the evening enjoyable, Dweal knew how to work it with their Rock-Pop mix to put people into a good mood.

More photos in the gallery, link above!
And then the Finns Before The Dawn with Fronter Tuomas Saukkonen presented themselves to Gleisdorf┤s Metalheads. Despite the tour support for Amorphis they are not really known in Austria yet, but they pulled it off nicely. After solving technical problems, they entered the stage around midnight. We had seen them in Finland before, which had always resulted in severe neck pains. Not this time; as we had a work day coming up and could not see the full show, And we were not the only ones leaving earlier, so they played their show in a pretty empty hall. What a pity, because they had definitely deserved more people to present their song material (eg. Faithless, Exile, Dying Sun and End of Days from the new EP to be released by mid-November in EU). But also the sound got worse and so we decided to leave the club, because something like this is difficult to endure for somebody who knows the songs and in much better fashion.

Anna Grivas

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