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Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country GER 
Datum / Date18 May 2005 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Danzig 
Photos: Samira Alinto 
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Glenn Danzig will turn 50 on June 23rd of this year. Alright, this is maybe not the most charming way to start a live review but I´ve never said that I´m charming. In an interview before the concert – which you can read soon - we could receive the impression of the vitality, appearance and character of the man himself.

But offstage and onstage are, as is generally known, two completely different things and after the Summer Breeze disaster of last year I was very excited.

This time I skipped the support band because there was no information about who it is and no one (including the band Danzig) had even the slightest idea. At this point: Sorry, guys!

There was no playing with light, decoration or anything else. Onstage was only the usual horn flag in the back, a way too fast for cameras without flashlight moving Glenn Danzig and his fellow musicians who altogether seemed to have fun this time in contrast to the above-mentioned festival appearance.

A sweeping swipe from (almost) all Danzig works periods was played in which sing-alongs like “Mother” and “Twist Of Chain” couldn´t be missed. There was also a lot of stuff from the new album and pleasingly, the singing on “Circles Of Snakes” is not that squeezed anymore like on both previous records from which they luckily didn´t play too many songs either. The sound in the Markthalle hall was moderate but after 4 encores (at which Tommy Victor and Jerry Montano gave something out to the first rows – candies maybe?) and about 100 minutes of playtime I had to confess that Danzig still know how to rock. I only hope for the ones among you who want to see Danzig live in the near future that you catch them on a good day because the differences are huge.

Samira Alinto, translation: Kathleen Gransalke

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