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Lynch Mob / Silver Dirt

Stadt / City Pratteln 
Land / Country Switzerland 
Z7 Konzertfabrik 
Datum / Date12.11.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery LynchMob 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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Today seems to be totally cursed. First, Iīm stuck in traffic, for God knows how long, then Iīm almost hit by a truck and when I have finally made it to Z7 I learn that the band hasnīt even arrived yet. At half past 8 thereīs no sign of the main act Lynch Mob far and wide and the support band has just entered the building.

Silver Dirt
A little bit delayed but still somewhat on time, the band kicks off the show. Silver Dirt have the honour to support Lynch Mob on their tour through Europe. The Swiss band has brought along quite many fans who party with the guys enthusiastically. Since shortly, the three guys have a new member on board that should suit especially all male fans, bass player Mi Madness. Musically, the foursome deliver rockīnīroll at its best and singer Steff paces over the stage like a tornado. You can literally see how much fun he has on stage. Also drummer Gregg over and over again smiles whimsically behind his kit. Itīs a bit harder to see that Sickyy and Mi enjoy the gig as well. Sickyy seems to be lost in his guitar playing, while Mi looks like she just wants to get off the stage. Maybe itīs because of the stressful day they had but I think the band should respond to each other more or take more care of each other instead of just focussing too much on themselves.

Lynch Mob

Lynch Mob is the band of ex-Dokken guitarist George Lynch. Together with singer Oni Logan the band is already around since 1990 but after their first album „Wicked Sensation“ both went separate ways again. About 17 years later they are back together and today, they are better than ever before and have a lot more experience. I notice that singer Oni Logan cant take his eyes off someone in the crowd and, after a couple of songs, he explains why. His little daughter is with him for the first time and can watch him live on stage. Of course, he puts lots more effort into his performance to make her proud. The songs of Lynch Mob are all good compositions, however, they do sound all very similar, somehow not really my cup of tea.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. Kathleen Gransalke

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