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Pretty Maids / Pussy Sisster

Stadt / City Pratteln 
Land / Country Switzerland 
Web www.z-7.ch
Z7 Konzertfabrik 
Datum / Date18.11.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery PrettyM 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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I owe it to the Pretty Maids that, over 10 years ago, I found out about the Z7 club in Pratteln. Back then it was them, who I saw live first in those now „sacred halls“ of mine. Together with Royal Hunt – simply an unforgettable experience. In the meantime, I have, of course, seen them a few more times but the Z7 has become my second home. Today, I even have the honour to interview support and main act before their shows. You can read both interviews here on www.stalker.cd later on.

Pussy Sisster

In Germany, these guys are known through their appearance in a reality tv show. A camera crew follows them to the USA, where they want to settle down and get famous. Tonight, the Swiss can finally seem them live, too. Sadly, they can only perform as a four-piece cause guitarist Ray Crewl had to return to his home country, the US, for a while. From the sound, you don´t really notice that someone is missing, though. They radiate pure zest for life on stage and easily manage to pass this feeling on to the crowd. Singer Alex, over and over again, tries to get „in touch“ with the crowd; he jumps off the stage to pace around in the stage pit and shakes all hands offered to him. Pussy Sisster delivered an energetic performance. If you have a chance, go and check them out.


Pretty Maids

The Pretty Maids take care of the necessary rock factor since 1982 and tonight, they kick off the show with the title track of their new album Pandemonium. It´s the first time for new bassist Hal Patino to play at Z7 and he twirls around on stage constantly. In contrast to the rest of the band, which is stylishly clad in black, he appeared in the purest white. Pretty Maids offered a pleasant mix of old and new song, in my opinion, the perfect setlist. Singer Ronnie Atkins proved once again that he has a unique voice that simply gets under your skin. At the end, the Danes dedicated their song Little Drops From Heaven to the late Gotthard frontman Steve Lee. This evening in Z7 was once more an unforgettable experience, one can only hope that both bands will come back soon and bring with them a load of awesome rock music.


Sandy Mahrer, transl. Kathleen Gransalke

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