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Lordi / The Dogma

Stadt / City Pratteln 
Land / Country Switzerland 
Z7 Konzertfabrik 
Datum / Date23.11.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Lordi 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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A lot can be expected from this evening. The monsters of Lordi have returned to the Z7 after five long years. After having won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2006, they only played in Zurich in the past years. During our interview, Mr. Ox confesses how much he likes the Z7 and chitchats about new arrival Otus´ preferences. You can read all of it later on here on these pages. Tonight´s proceedings were, however, opened by a band that was somehow not really scheduled to play...

The Dogma

Those young Italians from The Dogma already had the pleasure to support Lordi at their gig in Zurich on October 4th, 2006. And now they were hired once again as a support for this tour. Four years older and more experienced, they show what they have learnt in the meantime. You can hear that they are more mature now and they don´t follow those gothic rules that strictly anymore. Sound-wise, the gig wasn´t very good, the mixing wasn´t optimal and thus, singer Daniele´s voice often got lost in this whole sound turmoil. Still, the guys thrilled especially female fans because, obviously, they are eye-candy. Concluding their gig, the band played its most popular song, Black Roses, and then they cleared the stage for the monsters.


Everyone who has seen Lordi before, wondered what will the five monsters have in store for us this time around? Amazingly, though, it turned out that many of the 600 gig goers, here tonight, had actually never seen the band live. Many of them also expected more of a comedy show rather than a rock concert. Some die hard fans and and those little girls who follow every Finnish band from town to town, of course, were there too and as usual, they were running to the stage shortly after the doors opened, just to be in the first row.

Lordi entered the stage clad in their new outfits and they looked great. One song after another invited the crowd to sing along and headbang, no matter if it´s Bite It Like A Bulldog, It Snows In Hell or Blood Red Sandman. All hits, to which the band had shot videos, were played tonight. Mr. Lordi was a pretty busy monster – many times he changed his outfit. Sometimes he´s a rock police man, then a butcher or a monster with mega wings or some insane doctor. As this doctor he messed around with a patient and suddenly, this patient comes back to life again, rises and looks at him. There´s always a healthy dose of humour in the show. Mr. Ox beat up a fellow and then shot the fans with a grenade launcher from which scraps of paper popped out. Lady Awa meanwhile impaled a couple that danced, very much in love, over the stage with a long wooden cane. Also Amen offered his usual mummy show with a tribute to sun god Ra. He read from the Book of the Dead, from which smoke swirled that engulfed him fully. His tongue wasn´t under his control this time either, over and over again, the bandaged one showed it to everyone interested or not.

The biggest job surely had Mr. Lordi. He had to carry a smoking skull, a smoking doll, a bucket full of mortal remains and a huge hand saw. Also newcomer Otus was convincing on his drums; his solo was really worth seeing and listening to. The only flaw: they gave him the same stage show as Kita. Maybe it would´ve been better to give a new character a whole new show element? The band turned the stage into a swimming pool because the sweat didn´t drip from their costumes, it was literally pouring out. Once again the five monsters proved that they are willing to go to considerable lengths to make their fans and others happy. The Finns definitely deserve a proper portion of respect for all the efforts they take on just to be on stage.

Sandy Mahrer, transl. Kathleen Gransalke

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