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Sweet Little Sister (plays Skid Row)

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country FIN 
On The Rocks  
Datum / Date18.11.2010 
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Like the last time, "On The Rocks" is not that crowded when the fifth "Hair Rock Special" only presents a Skid Row coverband, but this time it`s not a bad thing `cause this time you know what is expecting you here tonight. There is even a positive last minute surprise: no one less than Vanity Ink. bass player Miki Peltola will take care of the turntable tonight and, indeed, he is doing a great job `cause his playlist is not limited to the usual played hits of Mötley Crüe & Co., it also causes some excitement in the ear canals with amongst others Buckcherry and The Donnas.

Excitement and fun seems to be also the ingredients of Sweet Little Sister, the mentioned Skid Row coverband in which we find another familiar face: Amoral`s guitar player Ben Varon who was responsible for the canned music at the last "Hair Rock Special". And talking about fun: There are not masses of concert visitors present, but this few are having fun and they are partying like if there was Sebastian Bach himself on stage. Yes, a few fans who are really partying can move much more than a mass who is too cool to let their hair down. The hits like the eponymous "Sweet Little Sister" or the final "Youth Gone Wild" works like automatically. According to the setlist, there were even two encores planned but probably only the band knows why they haven`t played "I Remember You" and "Get The Fuck Out"; a lack of good mood can`t be the reason for it, that`s for sure. Or were they too worried? At least, one of the few female concert visitors tonight took the title "Breakin` Down" a bit too literally: Just during her very theatrical performance to that song she realised that she drank too much - and fell down. But, hey, that`s the way it looks like when the youth goes wild...

01. Big Guns
02. Sweet Little Sister
03. Riot Act
04. Monkey Business
05. Slave To The Grind
06. Breakin` Down
07. Piece Of Me
08. Makin` A Mess
09. Psycho Love
10. 18 & Life
11. Rattlesnake Shake
12. Midnight / Tornado
13. Youth Gone Wild

+ photos: Stefanie Singh

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