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HIM secret castle show

Stadt / City Bückeburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Schloss Bückeburg 
Datum / Date08. Sep 2005 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery him_castle_2005 
Photos: Melanie Haack 
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Heavy guitars between angel statues and marble columns

For the ninth time in a row N-Joy presented one of their infamous secret concerts. This time on the mic the Finnish gothic rockers from HIM. Now you probably ask yourself “how secret can a gig like this be?” After all, it was so secret that not even the press got to know where the show was scheduled to take place.

The tickets were not sold but could only be won over the radio, 100 in number. Of course all hell broke loose in all forums and guest books: From “Does anyone know where the guys will perform, offer a lot of money for the information!” to the point of threatening calls to the radio station “If you don’t give away where Ville plays, you’re in trouble!” Thursday evening the winners were told to be at the railway station in Hanover, with a valid ID card of course, because some clever clogs thought that they could sell their tickets over ebay but it wasn’t working like that.

From Hanover the trip led towards Minden to the idyllic town of Bückeburg and when the bus turned into the castle garden, a devotional silence prevailed. The baroque castle gleamed pompously in the evening sun…

Foto: Jasmin Froghy

When the gates opened, a bustle arose and the fans stormed the castle. In the big ballroom, framed by angel statues, marble columns and opulent paintings the stage was set.

Foto: Jasmin Froghy

When the lanky Finn stepped on the platform the masses went nuts. I couldn’t reach my ear plugs in my bag, stooping was impossible when standing squashed in between all the people. Because the stage was barely knee-high and Ville wasn’t afraid to stand quite unsteady on the edge some girls got their hormones flowing.

Next to me a girl was already faltering but her friend couldn’t care less “undress you sexy hunk” she screamed and scared me a bit with the expression in her face.

Foto: Jasmin Froghy

Behind me a hand reached desperately forwards “Oh please, give me some sweat, you sex god”. The frontman didn’t seem to notice that hysteria, moony with closed eyes he reeled off his program. Here and there a few comments that once again no one understood but the spark didn’t really jump across. Also the sound was way too loud and Ville’s voice couldn’t partially be heard at all. They played everything from “Join me”, “Funeral of Hearts”, “Sweet 666”, “Wicked Game” to songs from their new album “Dark Light”.

Afterwards the fans could ask questions and the guys were visibly annoyed by great questions like “What do you want to be asked?” or “Can I come to you onstage?” but they hung on till the end. Altogether a successful show for the fans, eventually they were closer to their idol than ever before and the music is not that important, at least not always…

(More pictures in the galery.)

Jasmin Froghy, translation: Kathleen Gransalke

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