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Sister Sin

Stadt / City Helsinki 
Land / Country Finland 
On the Rocks 
Datum / Date16.12.2010 
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For the sixth and last "Hair Rock Special" of the year 2010, the "On The Rocks" club treated itself and the gig goers with some pretty ladies, both at the mike and at the turntables...

The first pretty lady is called "Liv Jagrell" and on the way to Helsinki, she got stuck at the airport of Stockholm with her band Sister Sin for four hours. Yeah, even Scandinavia, which should be well-prepared concerning the winter seems to be surprised by this season with its masses of snow. However, "it`s fucking great to be in Helsinki", comments Liv. The last time that Sister Sin played in Helsinki is actually not that long time ago; just recently they were the warm-up for Lordi. Today, Sister Sin fire up the audience with amongst others "One Out Of Ten" and the Motörhead cover "Make My Day" - both taken from the 2008 released album "Switchblade Serenades" - and the brand new track "Outrage". Liv is headbanging like there is no tomorrow and due to the fact that they are from Sweden, the club is crowded this time. As always when Swedes take the stage at a "Hair Rock Special"...

DJane Enni

The whole thing is only topped by the second pretty lady tonight, Stalingrad Cowgirls frontwoman Enni Kivelä. She wasn`t only busy with fulfilling music wishes but was also signing autographs, mostly for male fans. No surprise considering her attractive appearance...

In the beginning of 2011, there will be a small renovation at "On The Rocks" but the club won`t be closed for longer than a week, according to its new manager Tommi Niemi. And also the events series "Hair Rock Special" will continue as usual, so: Keep your eyes open!

Stefanie Singh

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