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Doro / Krypteria / Big Ball

Stadt / City Pratteln 
Land / Country CH 
Web www.doropesch.com
Z7 Konzertfabrik 
Datum / Date23.12.2010 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery Doroz7 
Photos: Sandy Mahrer 
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The same procedure as every year, that´s what you can also say about Doro, because around X-mas the die Queen of Metal always returns to rock the Z7. Luckily there´s not so much snow this time, therefore more people than usual arrived to see Doro.

Big Ball
Those guys from Germany are simply AC/DC clones, and even bad ones. The sound isn´t bad, but the vocals are, simply because it´s just an imitation. The vibe tells it all, the majority of the audience seems to share this opinion.

As their song „Liberatio“, a Tsunami victim charity project in 2004, could be heard anywhere, this band should have a familiar ring; also because of front woman Ji-In who has male hearts beat faster. I see the band for the first time, and in my opinion it could also be the last time. Musically not that bad, but too much Pop for my taste, and because I´m not a man, the looks of singer Ji-In do not make up the vocal deficiencies. She moves like a Gogo dancer and drops her long leather coat right after the first song, giving the impression of a Strip show.

After that she continues dancing but fails to notice the monitors, which has her stumble and fall, but she compensates it with a laugh. Ji-In might be a likeable person, but she doesn´t make it easier for those women in the Metal scene who rather don´t want to be reduced just to nice looks. It is an art form to look sexy instead of sleazy, and unfortunately Ji-In cannot master this art!

After a short changeover it is finally time for the Queen of Metal Doro Pesch and her guys. Ms Pesch seems to be in good mood and her voice sounds better than last time at Z7. Drummer Johnny Dee shows a broad grin throughout the show and delivers his famous drum soli. The audience celebrates their Queen chanting „Doro, Doro“, and she replies thankfully, using the same announcements as every year. Perhaps this is the reason why somebody like me, who has seen her many times live, feels a bit bored after a while.

But this time there are surprises, when she invites Schmier of Destruction band on stage for the song „We are the Metalheads“ – he can hardly be heard, however, but still a nice change. Finally after many encores, Doro takes her time to give autographs, right from the stage, and thus gives her fans some early X-mas presents. Although Doro-shows are pretty similar, you gladly support the likeable Metal icon with this distinctive voice every time, therefore let´s hope also next year we can report “The Queen of Metal is back!“
More concert photos in the gallery, click the link in the title section!

Sandy Mahrer, transl. K.Weber

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