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Die So Fluid

Stadt / City Hamburg 
Land / Country Germany 
Datum / Date1 / 2 / 2011 
Bildergalerie / Picture gallery DSF_Logo_2.2011 
Photos: Andreas Torneberg 
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Once again, the LOGO in Hamburg demonstrated to be a place of small, exquisite rock spectacles. The low ceiling height, the pillar in the middle of the stage, the old photographs on the walls, that's all saturated with Hamburg rock history and in any case, the proper venue for the British rockers Die So Fluid who - interspersed with 70s style and based on rich experience - made the stage steaming from energy and enthusiasm. Driven by singer/bassist Grog in sexy catsuit, the trio showed to the small number of visitors their talent, an excellent live act to be.

Yes, it was Tuesday evening, known to be a rather bad time for rock shows, and not enough, it was the day when freezing rain fell from the sky and turned the streets of Hamburg in icy rinks. A few more people could have been quiet nice. A little less distance to the stage it would have been allowed.

Even the Hamburg support band Retain had their trouble to catch with their melodic alternative metal the audience of the bar closer to where the action was. It drove the singer off the stage so far as the microphone cable allowed him to move - if not the guests came to him, he came to them.

Die So Fluid are even visually quite specifically with Gentleman-Iroquois Drew on guitar, maintained in a suit and tie, stiff and somewhat in a British understate modus, and the - especially for the male part of the audience - view-magnet Grog who wasn´t miserly with her charms.

The band works like a single organism, there fits every note and every movement, as everyone knows what the other plans in the next moment. The skeleton behind the blood and veins of tones and melodies is accurately and sturdy Mr. Al Fletcher on drums. Even the songs themselves hit exactly the essence full of variety and are well implemented live.

Those who wished to meet the band could do so after the show at the merchandise stand, where the sale of records and T-shirts tried to support the cash box. Seriously, who loves hard, but emotional and heartily handmade rockmusic, should be the next time there - it's worth to meet the band live, even if you should have to fight through storms, ice and fog.

More photos in the gallery above!

Andreas Torneberg

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